Social Squared SPFx SharePoint lists reference

This is a reference listing of the SharePoint lists that are automatically created during creation of a forum using the Social Squared SPFx web part.

IMPORTANT: This article is for reference only, for use in troubleshooting or creating views of content. DO NOT MODIFY ANYTHING IN THESE LISTS without guidance from Lightning Tools support, as there are many dependencies that are essential for Social Squared functionality.


The following lists and libraries are automatically provisioned to the current SharePoint site the first time you add a Social Squared SPFx web part to a modern page, or add it as a tab in a Teams channel. The SS_Posts list and SS_Attachments library will be visible in the Site Contents of your SharePoint site, but all of the other lists are hidden. If you wish to view the hidden lists, append /lists/ and then the list name to your site's URL in your browser.

When you view each list, only the items' Title field will be visible. But you can use SharePoint's list view feature to display the contents of any relevant fields so you can view them.

You can also access the data in these lists using our Data Viewer, in order to create views and charts based on your Social Squared content. Similarly, you can access these lists using our Lightning Conductor, to create additional views, and to include content from multiple Social Squared instances.

  • SS_Posts: This is the primary content repository, containing post content created by forum members. It's visible in Site Contents so that the content is available to be searched.
  • SS_ForumGroups: Lists the Forum Groups created by an admin.
  • SS_Forums: Lists the Forums (subcategories) created by an admin.
  • SS_Topics: Lists the Topics (threads). When a member creates a new Topic, there is an entry made to this list as well as to the posts list (for the content itself).
  • SS_Likes: Reactions to posts and who reacted.
  • SS_Votes: Up or down votes on posts and who voted.
  • SS_Ratings: Topic ratings and who gave them.
  • SS_ForumAlerts: Member subscriptions at the forum level.
  • SS_TopicAlerts: Member subscriptions at the topic level.
  • SS_TagCloud: Distinct tags and their usage count (to determine their size in the tag cloud).
  • SS_Badges: The number of badges earned by each member.
  • SS_Followers: Follower/Following pairs. An entry is made in this list when someone follows someone else.
  • SS_TopicsRead: Topics viewed, by topic and member. For use in determining whether a topic should appear in boldface to a given member.
  • SS_Favorites: Topics favorited, and by whom. For use in creating the Favorites view for each member.
  • SS_GroupsForumAlerts: M365 Group subscriptions at the forum level. Includes the group's email address.
  • SS_GroupsTopicAlerts: M365 Group subscriptions at the topic level. Includes the group's email address.
  • SS_PostAttachments (new in v3.8.0.0): Topic and post reference IDs, and attachment file names, for post attachments made with the admin-configured option (default) to save  attachments in the SS_Attachments library.
  • SS_Attachments [unhidden library] (new in v3.8.0.0): Files uploaded when attaching them to a post using the admin-configured option (default) to save  attachments in the SS_Attachments library. Prior to version 3.8, attachments were saved as attachments to the SS_Posts list item, which caused a restrictive size limitation. As of v3.9.0.0, embedded images are also saved to this library, to support large image sizes.
  • SS_TempAttachments [library] (new in v3.8.0.0): Attached files are uploaded to this temporary location during post creation, and then moved to the SS_Attachments library after the post is posted. 
  • SS_Terms (new in v3.9.0.0): Record of members who have accepted the (optional) Terms & Conditions to participate in the forum.
  • SS_TagAlerts (new in v3.9.0.0): Member subscriptions to tags.
  • SS_EmailDigest [unhidden list] (new in v4.0.0.0): Member subscriptions to the Digest Email of posts.

Social Squared CreatedDate

Generally speaking, timestamps are stored in the Social Squared lists as JavaScript Date Objects. This means that, for example, the CreatedDate field in the SS_Posts list will appear in the SharePoint list as a numeric value similar to 1672860210000. If you were to use the JavaScript Date function on that value, it would return a timestamp of Wed Jan 04 2023 14:23:30 GMT-0500. This might be useful to know if you have migrated content into the Social Squared lists, in which case the SharePoint "Created" field is going to be the date the list item was created - which is the date you migrated the content. Whereas the custom CreatedDate field will contain the timestamp of the original post.


Published Nov 28, 2022

Updated Feb 27, 2023 - added note about CreatedDate

Updated July 14, 2023 - added SS_EmailDigest list