Migrate Social Squared to SharePoint 2019 or SE

This article describes considerations when migrating Social Squared from an older version of SharePoint Server (on-prem) to a newer edition.

The migration path from Social Squared 2016/2013 to 2019/SE will depend on whether you will be using classic pages or modern pages in SharePoint 2019. 

If classic pages will be used, then the migration should be fairly straightforward. The WSP file is exactly the same, so you would just need to install it on your 2019/SE farm. If you are not already running the most current version of Social Squared for your existing SharePoint edition, then you will want to download that and at least run the SQL database update scripts so that your database is up to date. The Social Squared web parts should function as expected if the connection to your Social Squared SQL database is the same. Or if the SQL server is moving also, you might need to adjust the connection string, but the Social Squared database content does not need to be modified for SharePoint 2019/SE. Of course, you should test this in a test environment first.

However, if you plan to use modern pages in SharePoint 2019/SE, then we have a newer SharePoint Framework client-side web part version of Social Squared, which uses SharePoint lists to store the content instead of a SQL database. We have created a migration tool for Social Squared on-premises customers to migrate to the Social Squared client-side web part in SharePoint Online, but we have not yet developed a tool to migrate from the on-prem WSP to the on-prem CSWP. If that's your scenario, please contact us at help@lightningtools.com so we can assist you to achieve the migration.


Published June 14, 2023