Install the Lightning Conductor SPFx app in SharePoint 2019

Instructions to install the Lightning Conductor SPFx app for use on modern pages in SharePoint 2019

  1. If you're an existing customer, you can download the latest version of the Lightning Conductor SPFx web part from our Customer Download Center. If you wish to install the free 30-day trial of the Lightning Conductor, you can download it from here.
  2. Unzip the Lightning Conductor zip download, and navigate to the SP2019 folder. Within this folder, you'll see the lightning-conductor-cswp.sppkg file and an executable file called LTDeploy.

  3. Navigate to your SharePoint 2019 App Catalog (usually https://[YOURDOMAIN]/Sites/appcatalog)
  4. Drag the lightning-conductor-cswp.sppkg file into the app catalog.
  5. You should see a message that the Lightning Conductor has deployed successfully.
  6. Run the LTDeploy application on one of your SharePoint servers. This application will copy the necessary resource files to a folder named LC in the Site Assets library of the selected web application in your SharePoint environment.
  7. In the LTDeploy UI, select the Web Application/s that you wish to deploy to, and click Deploy.

You can follow the same instructions to update the Lightning Conductor when a new version is available. Note that you will also need to run the LTDeploy.exe application again, to update any of the JavaScript files that have been changed or added.


Published Nov 30, 2022