Enable DeliverPoint extensions for a custom permission level

How to modify the xml files in the DeliverPoint SPFx app to support a custom Site Owner permission level.

By default, the DeliverPoint extensions (the icon in the upper right corner, the DeliverPoint menu items on the command bar of a list or library, and the DeliverPoint menu items for folders and items) will only be visible to an account that has SharePoint Full Control permission to that scope. If your organization has created a custom permission level for site owners that is a little bit more restrictive than Full Control, but that still contains at least the Manage Permissions permission, you can follow these steps to enable the extensions for those accounts.

IMPORTANT: This procedure involves modifying the app package files. If you perform these steps and later update DeliverPoint to a new (standard) version, the procedure will need to be followed again. If you wish instead to purchase a custom build of DeliverPoint to accommodate this scenario, please contact your account representative for a quotation.

The following instructions apply to DeliverPoint Online. If you are using DeliverPoint in an on-premises environment, and making use of the DeliverPoint SPFx extension for modern lists and libraries, please see the section further below.

NOTE: We recommend testing this in a test environment before making this change in production.

For DeliverPoint Online

The option that determines whether or not Full Control permission is required is found within two XML files within the DeliverPoint sppkg file. To modify these files, open the deliverpoint-cswp.sppkg file with some archiving software such as WinRAR or 7-Zip. Navigate to the folder shown here:

Both the clientsideinstance.xml file and the elements.xml file contain component properties with requireFullControl values of true. Your archive software should allow you to edit the XML files right within the archive file.

For example, in the clientsideinstance.xml file, to remove the Full Control requirement on Document Library command bars, change the highlighted true value to false.

This is the section that affects the DeliverPoint icon in the upper corner:

You can set any or all of the properties to false (this must be done in both files), which will allow the extensions to be displayed to all users with a SharePoint permission level that includes at least the Manage Permissions permission.

After modifying the XML files, re-upload the DeliverPoint sppkg file to your app catalog.

For DeliverPoint On-prem

When using the DeliverPoint modern library extensions with the DeliverPoint farm solution, the instructions are similar to those above (so please read those first), but in this case, the app file you will be modifying is the deliverpoint-modern-extensions.sppkg file. Within that file, you will modify the elements.xml file; there is no clientsideinstance.xml file as there is in the online app.

In the elements.xml file, you will want to change all of the following true values to false. This will allow the extensions to be displayed to all users with a SharePoint permission level that includes at least the Manage Permissions permission.


Published Jun 6, 2024

Updated July 5, 2024 (added on-prem section)